Middle Fork | Mosaic IPA

A well balanced flavorful West Coast style IPA from NC, the Middle Fork is the flagship IPA of MRB’s craft beer. Light citrus aromas sit on top of the Mosaic hops complex herbal flavor resulting in a powerful combination.

Yellow Gap | Session IPA

Crisp, refreshing hop flavors and a lower ABV make this session IPA an extremely crushable beer. Citra hops and a well rounded malt bill make this easy drinking brew a favorite amongst craft beer lovers.

Lily Belle | Southern IPA

Named after our head brewer’s daughter, the Lily Belle is packed with Citra and Mosaic hops. This IPA is surprisingly low on the IBU scale making it a deceptively easy drinking IPA that is loaded with juicy hop flavor.

Dammit Bobby | Experimental IPA

An ever changing combination of hops and malt make this beer different every time we brew it, allowing us to find new characteristics in a variety of NC hops and grain. This craft beer derives its name from our Ambassador of Beer, Bobby. Only through his crucial efforts is this ever changing beer made possible, simply put, it would not have happened without him.

Go Find Yourself (GFY) | A Lighter Shade of Pale

When you find yourself wanting something with a little more hop content than a Blonde Ale but on the lighter shade of the spectrum of Pale Ales, you will find yourself in this beer.

Big Creek | Amber Ale

What began as a seasonal beer quickly became a mainstay due to popular demand. With its big malt flavor and mild hops this Amber Ale has become a staple here at MRB and a favorite of our local NC patrons.

Wash Creek | Appalachian Ale

Wash Creek was created to accommodate both those new to NC Craft Beer and those looking to take a step back from the big hoppy profiles usually associated with an IPA or a Pale Ale. The Wash Creek captures the drinkability of a domestic Lager while capturing the flavors of freshly milled grains and aromas from light hop additions typically found in Blonde Ales. Not quite fitting into the category of a Blonde or a Lager we decided to create our own style for it, the “Appalachian Ale”.

Laurel Creek | ESB

A classic English style Ale, this malty favorite has an almost creaminess to it when it hits your mouth. Although ESB stands for Extra Special Bitter, there is very little bitterness and a lot of wonderful flavors in this Pub style Ale.

Riverside Hefe | Hefeweizen

There is no denying Germany’s contribution to beer and we stayed true to the German Purity Laws on this one. Resulting in a simple clean craft beer that allows the fruity esters of the Belgian yeast and the crisp refreshing flavor of the malt and hops to shine through.

Mullinax | Dry Irish Stout

The beer that started it all. This is the first craft beer that our head brewer, Joey, ever made and inspired the NC brewery you are in today. Since he first perfected the recipe in his garage over 10 years ago, it remains largely unchanged resulting in a dark, roasty, dry classic Irish Stout.

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